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You will follow my orders until that occurs. I have shown you that there is an alien threat in this system. I might have made it through there without anyone noticing, but we can't be absolutely certain. We'll work with the Excalibur, forming a defensive perimeter for Tylos IV. Got it? Yes, My Lady. I grant you temporary emergency command of the ship. But keep those two terms in mind. Understood. First, I need a status report on fighters and pilots. What can we field and when? Second, I need a tech to translate the data from my shuttle into a format that the humans can use. They need full access to whatever intelligence imobiliare bucuresti we can provide. Third, we contact Azareel. Send the complete data file, then a coded transmission informing him of the steps we have taken. Finally, ask for his recommendation regarding command of the ship. Yes, Lady Venice. Those orders seem appropriate. A half smile crossed her lips. Thanks. It's good to know I have not totally lost my touch. Cention moved to the captain's ready room to carry out her orders, leaving the bridge to her. Helm, change course to heading 124.5 starboard. Yes, Lady Venice. Communications-- establish a link with the Excalibur. Voice, visual, and data stream. Yes, My Lady. Venice strolled around the bridge, giving orders, aligning her forces as she had discussed with the commander of the Excalibur. The androids responded, in their usual efficient manner, and the bridge became busy, with only an occasional inquiry for clarification to go with the chorus of Yes, My Lady. With the Archeonite III in place, her long range scanners active, and her team getting the ship ready, Venice had a few moments to relax. She realized that it had been a long time since her last meal. Because the androids never consumed food and rarely rested, none of them had suggested either to her. And without Runyon to attend to her personal needs, she had not thought about those needs herself. After returning the bridge to Cention, she made her way to her imobiliare bucuresti shipboard quarters and requested that a meal be bucuresti prepared for her. After eating, she slid out of the flight suit and into her bed. *** A voice woke her from the sound sleep of exhaustion. Instead of a personal wake up by Runyon, her com center was active. The voice repeated the call. My Lady. Lady Venice? Yes? imobiliare bucuresti Her voice was se as she activated the com. We have recorded instructions for you from Lord Azareel. He indicated that he did not wish to disturb your rest. But we are tracking alien vessels on our sensors. On my way, she said, and the seness was gone. Her years in service had taught her to be clear-headed in seconds, and her training did not fail her. She visited the head briefly and looked at the closet. Only a couple of the usual elaborate gowns hung there, so she slid back into the flight suit and was enroute to the bridge in five minutes' time. Status report, please, she said as she turned toward the sensor display. Three waves--in staggered formation. See them, My Lady? Yes, Cention. I do. Have you forwarded this to the Excalibur? Not yet. Perhaps you should view Lord Azareel's message first. The gigantic android was cautious. Lost my like this command already? Her grin was rueful, as well as wasted on the unemotional android. Not precisely. The video feed is ready. Just activate the command station. Venice crossed to the station and pressed the appropriate switch. Immediately, the display showed Azareel,